Grace O’Malley: Pirate Queen of Ireland

It's time for the final chapter in the Molly O'Malley Trilogy
Grace O'Malley, Ireland's Pirate Queen

Learn more about this famous noblewoman, trader, politician and pirate who became a legend in western Ireland. Mr. Porter has written a book largely profiling her life entitled “Molly O’Malley and the Pirate Queen.”

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2 thoughts on “Grace O’Malley: Pirate Queen of Ireland

  1. I certainly could do that. What aspect of Granuaile intrigues you? Most of what I learned (and wrote) is in Molly O’Malley and the Pirate Queen. The Kindle edition is available on with price just reduced to $2.99, or you can always order the print version.

    I’ll see if I can dig up a short story I penned a couple of years back.

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