Create your own Spooky Halloween story!

I’m bringing back an idea that I loved even when I was no longer a kid. There was a series of books that let you choose your own adventure. Nearly every page ended with a choice for the reader: Do you want to go down the staircase? Turn to page 74. Do you want to open the door? Turn to page 143. Each choice led you to a different storyline, making the tale unique each time you read through it.

I often wished that I didn’t have to then turn to a different page to continue the story. Too often I was tempted to read snatches of other story lines while searching for my page continuation. Sometimes I would catch spoilers without meaning to. If only we had hyperlinks in books that could whisk us to the next page!

Now it’s Halloween time, and I just completed a new book. It’s web-based, so you really can click the link to continue. I hope you have as much fun reading these stories (yes, there are several plots all woven together to make this mystery) as much as I did creating it.

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